Electrical Services

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Utah’s Best is here to Power You Home. We know how important it is for the electrical system in your home to be handled by professionals. Electrical work is dangerous work and needs to be done by a professional electrician. Our technicians are licensed and experienced. We are committed to providing your home with safe and reliable electricity.

We Have you Covered

From ceiling fan installs to a complete rewire of your home, we are here to assist you. Our tools, technology, and experience allow us to get the job done right. Your safety is our top priority.

Our Most Common Electrical Services Include:

  • Emergency Repair Services
  • Circuit Breaker Control
  • Electrical Wiring Configuration
  • Home Surge Protection
  • Electoral Panel Inspection
  • Repair, Replacement, and Installation for Outlets and Switches
  • Smoke Detector Service
  • Hot Tub Assessment and Service
  • Installation for Ceiling Fans
  • Installation for Light Fixtures
  • Code Enforced Electrical Inspections
  • And More

Child Safety

Every child is naturally curious about the world around them, this tends to include every item in your home as well. Keeping them safe around dangerous electricity outlets and fixtures is important. Many store-bought outlet covers are not as dependable as you think. That is why we install tamper-proof outlets in your home. These outlets are guaranteed to keep your children safe and give you time to find another toy to distract them. These outlets have shutters, allowing an adult to easily use the outlet while preventing a child from getting hurt.


Your home deserves the perfect lighting. Not only will it look amazing, proper lighting is shown to reduce headaches and save you on electricity costs. Our professionals will work with you and design the best lighting for your home based on your personal style. We have a lot of options to choose from. Allowing one of our professionals to guide you through the best choices for your home will allow you to make a great choice without feeling overwhelmed. We even offer LED strips to create under-cabinet lighting, a very popular choice among homeowners. We can install both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Stress Free Installation

New technology is constantly becoming available to make your life easier. Whether you have purchased new security cameras, smart home accessories, or other technological devices to upgrade your home, having our certified electricians install it for you will ensure it works the way it should. Our installations also come with a protection warranty, so you really can’t go wrong. Don’t risk having an armature do your installation. If something happens, you will be left with the bill.

Stay Powered During Blackouts

Being able to rely on your power day and night is more important than ever. When the grid goes down, we want you to be ready. No one likes having to throw away fresh food following a power outage. Family members that use medical devices are especially reliant on reliable electrical power to keep them alive. Businesses count on electricity to serve their customers, employ workers, and keep their food fresh for serving. We are here to prevent any of these situations from ever happening to you. We provide professional home and commercial generator installation. We are known for delivering safety and reliability with any generator we install. Our technicians also make sure the system you choose meets your communities local codes and regulations.

Locally Owned and Community Oriented

As a locally owned and operated business in Utah, we are one of the most respected service providers in the home service industry. Our company is built on honesty and integrity so we can meet Utah’s best standards. Any products that we install are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel confident knowing our electrical services and repairs are protected.

Fast Response Times

We know your electrical problems cannot wait. Electrical issues can be a significant threat to your family and business employees. Faulty wiring or blown circuit breakers can lead to more serious issues. Even if the problem seems minor, make sure you call one of our electricians for service. We are known to address electrical issues promptly. Our services prevent potential injuries and liability. We will respond faster than other companies and resolve the issue fast. Don’t get stuck waiting days or weeks for electrical service.

Reduce Potential for Damages and Loss

Electrical problems can result in varying levels of damage, from minor to severe. Normally, you will experience some kind of damage among your wiring, outlets and minor appliances over time. However, sometimes surges can be significant. We keep your expensive electronics and large home appliances from getting damaged. Don’t put off calling our services and risk damages becoming worse or unfixable.

24/7 Availability and Emergency Service

You cannot always predict when you will have an electrical emergency. They also always seem to occur at the most inconvenient time. No matter what issue you are having, we are available day and night to assist you. Our emergency electricians are available when you need them the most.

Continuous Service and Maintenance

Once we install an electrical service in your home, our work doesn’t stop there. Normal wear and tear on electrical devices is unavoidable. Sometimes these overload and strain your circuits and appliances. We keep up on service and scheduled maintenance to prevent the likelihood of this happening to you.

Are Emergency Electricians Worth It?

Even though you are faced with paying for any service, having an experienced emergency electrician at your disposal is priceless. You will save money in the long run by having your issue fixed immediately, stopping any further damage from spreading. Be prepared for an electrical emergency by having our number saved in your phone. If and when the time comes, you won’t regret it.

We are here to help with all of your electrical needs; anything from outlet installation to full rewiring of your entire home.
Our electricians continue to work hard for homeowners across Utah with inspections, emergency repairs, and all other electrical issues.
We promise to provide good old-fashioned service with a smile.