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Chris and his crew know their stuff

I am impressed with the level of knowledge that Chris and his guys bring to the field.
I can see that their experience as technicians, and the ongoing training that they strive to get really shows up in the work that they do. I guess That’s what makes them Utah’s Best –

Wayne H.
HVAC Supply co.

“Just Wonderful”

After moving into our home, we discovered our furnace was not working right. A technician from Utah’s Best came right over and diagnosed the problem. During the inspection he discovered that our flue venting had a serious safety issue that could have proven deadly. Thank goodness they found and corrected the problem. They were just wonderful.

Julie Pugmire
Syracuse, UT

Great work!

When we started the process to get a new furnace and AC, our Realtor recommended Utah’s Best Heating & Air – we got several quotes and really did our homework – and after our shopping and comparing, we went with Chris at Utah’s Best. Even though his quote was just a little bit more than some of the others, he really delivered the value we wanted, and we are glad that he stands behind his workmanship 100%

Kendall Deakins
Ogden, UT


It’s Great to FINALLY have a heating and air company that I can recommend to family and friends…

Dave J
Layton, UT

Awesome Job! Chris, Branden and Even were great!

Awesome Job! Chris, Branden and Even were great! Super friendly and knowledgeable! I felt as though I had known them personally for years. Anyhow, I had originally called for a simple tune-up, but the day of the appointment, my old furnace quit working properly and it was getting very cold in the house. They were able to diagnose the problem and after discussing my options, I decided to purchase a new furnace rather than throw good money at the bad. Besides, the furnace was already 15 years old. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of shopping around, which is my rule of thumb; however, the price they quoted was very fair and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time and positive energy haggling with them. I’m very happy I decided to go with them. I always felt the work done on the previous furnace during installation was a bit shoddy and make shift due to the size of the original 1980’s furnace and ducting. Lots of metal tape and bending of sheet metal. Chris and his team did a beautiful job of cutting and trimming new sheet metal to connect to the old ducting. It’s so much more appealing to the eye! I found myself staring and admiring their work after they left. They also made a second trip back the next day, to install a smart thermostat that I had sitting in a box for several months, which required new wiring to be run. The new Rheem furnace runs beautifully and has so much more airflow than the previous Goodman furnace they replaced. I didn’t even realize how bad the old furnace’s air flow was. My entire house is now warm and cozy, without the cold spots I previously had in the basement and rooms furthest from the furnace. I would highly recommend Chris, Braden and Evan of Utah’s Best Heating and Air if you are in the market for a new furnace or AC unit, or if you just need a simple service like an annual tune-up. I know I will send my family and friends their way in the future! Thanks for a job well done guys!

Brad Losito

Great customer service and job well done

Great customer service and job well done. Chris, Zack and Brayden were so professional and kind. They explained everything needed to be done. Were very thorough and did a great job with our new furnace installation. We are happy with how fast and efficient the work was completed. Brayden and Zack took great care to make certain doors were closed as they worked, to ensure our cats stayed inside. Also protected stairs and covered shoes while working. Thank you for a job well done. Highly recommend!

Gerry Wilson

Best service!

Best service! I googled companies to come fix my furnace and this company had 24 hr service. They came out the same day and really explained everything to me. Chris was very knowledgeable and I felt I could trust him. I needed a new furnace and had it installed the next day by Brody and Issac. They did a great job. Very professional. Very kind. Educated me on the new furnace. Definitely will use them in the future!

Emily Arnold

Efficiency, sharpness, & keen mind!

Efficiency, sharpness, & keen mind! I just recently had my furnace tuned up. The Utah’s Best Heating & Air gentleman that came was polite and very efficient. He asked me what type of problem I was having; downstairs looking at the problem he knew exactly what was wrong. He answered my questions while showing me the trouble; he even drew the arrow on the furnace facing the direction that the air filter was supposed to be facing. Thank you for that! He also took a camera device and looked up into the furnace to check; thank goodness it was ok. Efficiency, sharpness, keen mind, all would describe the ability of the workers at Utah’s Best Heating & Air. If ever in doubt, you can ask my dog, Dallas, how she loves the warm house.

Marjorie Akiyama

Brand new baby!

Brand new baby! We came home from the hospital with our brand new baby only two days old to find our furnace not working. We were already paranoid as new parents, so this just about pushed us over the edge. My husband called Chris and he came right over on a Sunday afternoon to have a look at it. Turned out that we needed a new furnace. He quoted us a great price and said he would call some customers and try to come back the next day. We were able to borrow some space heaters to get through the cold nights, so we told him not to stress if he couldn’t bump us to the next day. He had called a couple customers and they refused to move their appointments. Chris handled it very professionally and I felt bad because he had to deal with some rude people. Anyway, he came back with another man and they spent several hours replacing our furnace and fixing some air conditioning issues. He was friendly, personable, professional, knowledgeable, kind, honest, and just all around great. Our furnace is working wonderfully and we can sleep easy (when we do sleep lol) knowing that we have a brand new furnace and our house will stay warm as it gets colder and colder. Thank you so much, Chris! Our family appreciates all your hard work!

Taylor Westbroek

Honest and professional

Honest and professional. Chris did a tune up on my furnace and AC unit. He did a great job and did not try to get me to buy things I did not need. I appreciate his honesty and will give him my future HVAC business.

Curtis Salvesen

Excellent professional job!

Excellent professional job! I had a heating system problem with a furnace not working for the past two days. I have contacted Utah Best Heating and Air and received the visit of their technician, Isaac, he was from the very first moment searching for a solution. He checked the equipment, ran some tests and repaired the problematic pieces within less than an hour. I am very impressed with the company and Isaac’s ability to fix quickly and efficiently. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs to solve the problem and not just talking about it. Well done!

Edmar M Rocha

Saved the day!

Saved the day! Last summer I was working in my downtown office, meeting with clients and conducting business. The A/C went out earlier in the day and I thought the fans we had would cool the office sufficiently enough throughout the day. It wasn’t even 11am when the staff began to complain and the clients were starting to reschedule. I was sweating profusely when I called Chris. I explained to him my situation and the need to DO SOMETHING! He responded within an hour, messed with the A/C unit for a half hour or so and it began to blow again. He came in from the unit and explained that he’d done a “quick fix” that would not last and I needed a new unit, which I believed as the unit was there when I moved into my office 6 years ago. And it was old then. He gave me a fantastic quote on both the A/C unit and furnace together (reducing the price as a package) and we scheduled the replacement for the next weekend. He did not charge me for the service call. I was very impressed with his prompt response; his quick and professional service; his expertise and knowledge (he already knew what was wrong before he arrived); and, most importantly, his pricing. TOP SHELF!!

Patrick Adams
Patrick Adams LLC

Very professional.

Very professional. Brayden came out to my home to tune-up my air conditioning system. He quickly found out that it was empty of Freon and needed to be fully recharged. Brayden very intelligently advised me of the current situation and what my options were so that I could make a decision I could live with…Thank you Branden! Great Job!!!

Greg Sagen


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