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Our heating contractors can install, repair, maintenance and tune-up our furnace in time for winter. Having our contractors install a new furnace in your home means you will have a heating system you can count on to work efficiently and effectively. We always communicate with our customers so they know exactly what to expect and how much it is going to cost. Having your furnace installed by one of our professionals keeps your family safe.

What We Offer:

What To Expect From Our Contractors

Professional Removal Service

We take the time to remove your old furnace before replacing it with a new one. This is actually where we spend the most time because it is a complicated process. We disconnect all of the parts. We also remove it from your home according to safety standards. There are specific guidelines for disposal that we follow set in place by the county. Once removed, we clean the space and area around where the install will take place. If anything needs to be moved or covered we will let you know and take care of it for you. Sometimes changes need to be made around the structure of your old furnace as well.

Connecting Your New Furnace

Once your new furnace is put in its place, we bolt it down for safety. We then begin connecting it to the rest of the system and ductwork. Your new furnace will be hooked up to the ventilation system, which is done via the flanges. From there, we connect it to the power source. This is done whether you have a gas or electric unit. Both of these types of furnaces will have electrical parts that are connected last.

Running and Testing Your New Furnace

We provide quality installs that you can rely on. Part of the reason we have such good reviews from our customers is because we don’t leave right after installation. We turn on your furnace and put it through some basic tests to make sure it is working as it should. If there are any issues at this point, we can address them immediately.

The Benefits Of Using Our Heating Contractors

When you allow us to install a new furnace, or service the one you currently have, you can enjoy all the benefits of your heating system when you need it most. When you need help with your furnace and heating system, make sure to schedule these vital services with one of our certified professional contractors. We are here to make sure your system is dependable, safe, and runs as efficiently as possible.

Cost and Savings

We provide fairly priced furnaces to all of our customers. Furnaces are actually popular because they are much more affordable compared to other types of heating systems. That being said, you should always discuss your options with us first. It is one thing to get a good deal, but if the heater is not designed right for your home, you will be paying for constant repairs on the system. We help you find the right furnace for the right price.

We also offer the latest in furnace models, so you can have the best for your home. Although these may be priced slightly higher than older models, they are designed to run more efficiently and therefore save you money every month on your electric and gas bills. There are so many advances to these systems that help make your busy life just a little bit easier.

Convenience of Shared Ductwork

Furnaces are a great addition to your central air system, if you already have one installed in your home. Since furnaces are actually forced air heating systems, we can install them so that they share the ductwork you already have. This also allows your furnace to deliver hot air fast and distribute it evenly throughout your home. If you do have central air, this just makes sense.

Of course, we offer plenty of heating options that don’t require the need for ductwork. We can suggest which would work for your home.

Your Fuel Options

We install furnaces in homes because we know what a great benefit they can be for many reasons. One of the benefits is their ability to use different fuels to generate heat. If you are someone that prefers cooler temperatures and you don’t use your furnace that often, an electric furnace is a great option for you. The electric furnaces we install are incredibly efficient because they don’t lose heat from using flue gases. However, they do use electricity, so your electric bill will increase when you heat your home. We also give you the option of using natural gas. This is great for homeowners who already use gas for their water heater and stove. Natural gas is piped directly onto your property, which makes it a very convenient source of heat. You can also choose to use a furnace that runs on propane. This is something we can deliver to you and it can be safely stored away.

Using Utah’s Best Home Pros means our technicians will install a dependable heating system and continue to maintain it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You will have peace of mind knowing your heating system is installed correctly and can function safely and properly. In addition to serving homes all across Utah, we also offer heating contractor services to commercial businesses. Call us for details or to make an appointment today.