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Utah’s Best Home Pros is conveniently located in Layton, Utah. As part of Davis County, Layton has the largest population in the country. This area is well known for being one of the top economic developmental leaders in the region. Layton is a thriving place for young families, with beautiful parks, amusements and wildlife. We strive to serve this growing community with a team you can count on. We offer the best, most reliable services when it comes to the heating, cooling, air, and electrical needs for your home and business. Our promise to every customer means giving you reliable and consistent comfort, to repair new and old HVAC systems fast, to install energy efficient systems, to respect your home and property during every project, and to improve your air conditioning and furnace system, all in a no pressure environment. Whether you are in need of a new HVAC system, a repair or tune-up, or an inspection, you can count on us to do the job right the first time. We back all of our work and installations with a warranty and agreement service, so you are always covered.

Furnace Store

Our heating and furnace services keep your home and business comfortable all year long. We have hundreds of furnace options for you to choose from and can install any brand you purchase. We are known for providing fair prices to our customers and no hidden fees. We will help you find the best furnace at a price you can afford. We sell the newest models, which are designed to run more efficiently so you can save money every time you use it. Our products help make your life just a little bit easier.

Furnace Repair Service

Our furnace repair service is reliable and affordable. We perform a full inspection to ensure every part is in working order, including your duct system. You can expect a repair service to include a full lubrication and inspection of the mechanical mechanisms. This prevents friction in our system which makes it last longer and run smoothly. If for some reason, your furnace is beyond repair, we can help you find a new furnace and install it right away. We also specialize in removing old furnaces, as this must be done in compliance with environmental laws.

Heating Contractor

Our heating contractors are qualified to handle any furnace or heating system. We know what to do with any brand, not matter how old it may be. Furnaces are a great addition to your central air system, if you don’t already have one installed in your home. Since furnaces are actually forced air heating systems, we can install them so that they share the ductwork you already have. Make sure to schedule these vital services with one of our certified professional contractors.

Air Conditioning Contractor

We perform installation, maintenance, repairs and tune-ups on all brands of air conditioning units. We really have you covered in any situation. You can rely on our experience and expertise. You will enjoy the benefits of a clean home and business when you trust our technicians to handle both your AC replacement and installation.

Air Conditioning Store

Proper air conditioning systems need to be large enough to cool your home, but small enough to keep your energy bills from skyrocketing. We combine high quality service and installation at affordable prices because everyone deserves to live and breathe safely in their home. We help you choose the right size and type of air conditioning unit for your home and business. With access to the latest technology, we can upgrade your system to the latest and greatest. We even offer sleek and easy to use thermostats you can control from your phone.

Air Conditioning Repair Service

When your AC and ductwork aren’t clean or have a technician issue, your system cannot work efficiently. It has to work overtime just to cool you home to the temperature you want. If you have noticed a steady increase in your electrical or gas bill, but you really haven’t been doing anything differently, this could point to your AC system. We can perform quick repairs and bring your monthly bills back down. An air conditioning system is a crucial piece of equipment for your home, especially during the peak summer temperatures. Having your air conditioner checked and repaired before the summer is the best way to ensure it will continue to work when you need it the most.


We know that working with electricity always poses a danger. Our electricians know the proper safety procedures and have years of experience under their belt. We know how to prep an area and handle any dangers that we find within your electrical system.

We also specialize in installing the best lighting for your home or business. Our professionals will work with you and design the best lighting for your home based on your personal style. We even offer LED strips to create under-cabinet lighting, a very popular choice among homeowners. We can install both indoor and outdoor lighting. Any electrical issues you may have should always be handled by one of our trained professional technicians. We are licensed and knowledgeable about the dangers of electricity and how to maintain safety at all times.

Air Duct Cleaning Service

We spend close to 90% of our day indoors, that is why the quality of your air is so important. We make sure no pollutants get trapped inside your home, as this can lead to your air being 3 times more contaminated than the air outside. Our duct cleaning services are designed to improve your air quality and eliminate bacteria, pollen, and mold in your home.

HVAC Contractor

We sell and install humidifiers, filtrations systems, air cleaners and more. Our air systems eliminate airborne particles that you may be allergic to. If your home has lingering odors that you cannot seem to get rid of, our HVAC service can solve your problem. You can ditch the chemical air scented sprays and breathe truly clean air. Our air cleaners and air scrubbers will actually destroy the particles that are causing the odors in the first place. We also provide large scale and small scale humidifier options.

When you need a reliable HVAC system installed by qualified professionals, give us a call. We provide excellent customer service and back all of our work and products with warranties you can count on. Our professionals respond fast and have the knowledge and experience needed to five your HVAC system.