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Utah’s Best Home Pros services Roy, Utah. Roy is a family centered community that is known for its economic growth and safe neighborhoods. Our HVAC services are highly sought after because we are reliable and install quality products to homeowners throughout the area. We also service business and commercial buildings, making sure your local store is up to standards so you can focus on your financial goals. Whether you are in need of a new HVAC system, a repair or tune-up, or an inspection, you can count on us.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Store

We have heating systems to keep you warm and comfortable all winter. We have hundreds of furnace products for you to choose from. Our high quality installation is done quickly. We provide blue ribbon results that still stay within your budget. Our products are rated #1 by our consumers and customers. We can install any brand of furnace you purchase, even if you don’t buy the furnace from us. We also advise that you talk to one of our experts before you purchase a furnace in order to make sure what you are buying is right for your home. All installations are followed with professional clean up. You can also count on great warranties and guarantees of our work and products. To find out more about our high-efficiency systems and how you can finance for as low as $59 a month, call us today. 


Our high quality installation and service allows our experts to install AC units right the first time. We also stay on top of scheduled maintenance to keep your system running. Our certified experts and contractors have the experience and knowledge required for proper installation. This is a complicated process that needs to be done by a certified professional. We want you to know that your AC is meant for more than just comfort. It is also necessary in providing safe air quality in your home. There are numerous benefits to having an AC system in your home.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Repair Service

Having a functional HVAC system throughout the year in Utah is crucial. Your HVAC keeps your home warm and safe when temperatures outside are freezing, and cool when temperatures are high. It also contributes to the quality of air you breathe, so it must be functioning and running cleanly. We offer repairs to get you ready for the summer and winter season. Our repair service saves you money. We help you avoid having to install a brand new system when this could have been prevented. Repairing your HVAC keeps any damage from becoming extensive and unfixable. Even small issues need to be addressed, like broken or loose parts. We offer timely repair services so you can count on your system to work when you need it. 

Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor

When you purchase a new heating system or new air conditioning system, disposal of your current one must be done accordingly. We disconnect all of the parts. We also remove it from your home according to safety standards. There are specific guidelines for disposal that we follow set in place by the county. Once removed, we clean the space and area around where the install will take place. Furnaces are a great addition to your central air system, if you already have one installed in your home. Since furnaces are actually forced air heating systems, we can install them so that they share the ductwork you already have. We perform installation, maintenance, repairs and tune-ups on all brands of heating and cooling systems.

Air Duct Cleaning Service

We pay close attention to the ductwork in your home. It is crucial for the proper functioning of your air conditioning and heating system. Our duct cleaning services are designed to improve your air quality and eliminate bacteria, pollen, and mold in your home. We thoroughly clean your ducts so that their air that flows through it is not restricted in any way. If you have noticed that your electrical and gas bills have been higher than normal, you may have dirty ductwork. Let one of our technicians inspect your system to see if this is in fact the problem. We guarantee you will notice a difference in the airflow once we’re done. We can actually improve the airflow in your system by up to 30%.


Our electricians are trained and certified. We take great pride in our work. Striving to be Utah’s Best means always doing a thorough and detailed job. We are known for the quality of our installation service, our customer reviews speak for themselves. We know that working with electricity always poses a danger. Our electricians know the proper safety procedures and have years of experience under their belt. We know how to prep an area and handle any dangers that we find within your electrical system. Our electrical repair services include: Emergency Repair Services, Circuit Breaker Control, Electrical Wiring Configuration, Home Surge Protection, Electoral Panel Repair, Installation for Outlets and Switches, Smoke Detector Service, Hot Tub Assessment and Service, Installation for Ceiling Fans, Installation for Light Fixtures, and Code Enforced Electrical Inspections

HVAC Contractor

Our contractors specialize in maintenance and the latest technology available for your home’s furnace or AC. We have the right training and experience to properly diagnose issues and fix your system right the first time. Unless you notice problems between scheduled maintenance, you should have your HVAC system checked once a year. We are always available when you need us. The safety of your family and your comfort during the winter and summer months is our priority. We also supply and install humidifiers, filtrations systems, air cleaners and more. 


You can rely on Utah’s Best Home Pros for reliable HVAC systems installed by certified professionals. We also have emergency services for your HVAC. One of the most beneficial services we offer is access to our emergency electrician. To find out what type of system would be best suited for your home or business, give us a call or visit one of our convenient locations.