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At Utah’s Best Home Pros, we are dedicated to providing quality products and great customer service. We pride ourselves in doing the work right the first time. Our promise as a company is to continue to provide services that ensure your home is safe, comfortable and healthy to live in.

We are your go-to air conditioning store, providing both products and installation you can count on. Our tune-ups ensure energy efficiency and financial savings. Having your AC serviced on a regular basis will keep it functioning properly and extend its lifespan.

You can rely on us when it comes to prompt service times. We know you don’t have time to wait around for a service to fix your AC. We offer prompt service for your home.

We have cooling solutions that stay within your budget. We combine high quality service and installation at affordable prices because everyone deserves to live and breathe safely in their home.

Our High quality installation and service allows our experts to install AC units right the first time. We also stay on top of scheduled maintenance to keep your system running.

Our certified experts and contractors have the experience and knowledge required for proper installation. This is a complicated process that needs to be done by a certified professional.

Financing options are available with approved credit. We allow financing options so you can afford to get the AC system you need for your home now.

Hire Our Professional Technicians!

Our technicians are able to properly install an air conditioning system in your home. This must be done the right way for it to work and to ensure your home is protected. Our technicians do what is necessary to install a system to meet your comfort level. We maintain and service your system to keep it running all year long. We do the job right the first time, which saves you money from constant service costs. Our expertise means the extension of the life of the unit overall. A properly functioning air conditioner protects your home from heat and humidity that can cause mold and bacteria growth in your home. Do not take a chance with your safety, hire our certified experts to install your AC system.    Shopping for a new AC system can be overwhelming, especially if you are doing it on your own. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to finding the right AC system for your home. We have the experience, training, and knowledge to help guide you through all of the different cooling options and what will work best for your home. We save you money by designing your unique cooling system.    We want you to know that your AC is meant for more than just comfort. It is also necessary in providing safe air quality in your home. There are numerous benefits to having an AC system in your home.

Every part of your AC system requires regular maintenance in order for it to continue functioning effectively and efficiently. The filters, coils and fins all need attention and cleaning to ensure the system works as it should for years. Even if everything seems to be in working order, neglecting maintenance results in wear and tear and a steady decline in cooling performance. It also adds to an increase in energy consumption which means you will pay more each month to cool your home. Certain AC units can be removed and stored during the winter. We can help you do this since these units tend to be heavy. This protects them while they are not being used. We can do this for you as it is a tricky process that needs to be done safely. We can also cover your outdoor unit in the winter months to further protect it from debris and bad weather.

Many AC systems have both an indoor and outdoor component. These both need to be serviced correctly in order for your AC to function at its best. During a service call from one of our experts, you can expect a detailed inspection of your entire air conditioning system, no matter how obvious the problem may seem. We check both the indoor and outdoor components of the unit to find anything that is working improperly or may need cleaning. We begin the process by measuring the voltage and amps of the motor. This is how we determine its risk for failure. We then test the calibration of the thermostat to make sure the temperature is reading is actually the temperature inside your home. Any moving part is examined. Oftentimes these parts need lubrication to slow down the process of wear and tear. These parts include the bearings and the fan blades.

Choose Utah’s Best Home Pros!

Allowing our experts to perform scheduled maintenance on your AC system will keep it running longer. Maintenance also ensures its performance is consistent.  We are a professional company you can trust. Among numerous other competitors and companies out there, we are known for our quality of work and professional demeanor. We always do the job right the first time. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.    We have been in business for decades and have a team of reputable contractors who are certified and experienced. We also offer our services at affordable prices that won’t break your budget. One of the best ways you can save money is by keeping up with your scheduled maintenance. This allows us to make small tweaks and adjustments instead of having to replace an entire air conditioning unit. If you are in need of a brand new unit, we will install quality AC systems that you can depend on. We also offer additional products that can be installed to work in sync with your AC system. Call us to find out more about how humidifiers, air scrubbers, and electronic air cleaners can benefit your HVAC system and keep it running longer.