Air Duct Cleaning Service

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We pay close attention to the ductwork in your home. It is crucial for the proper functioning of your air conditioning and heating system. Like any part of your HVAC the wear and tear on ductwork must be checked and serviced. When you keep your windows and doors closed during the day, the same air continues to circulate throughout your home. In order to prevent dust and other particles from getting distributed into the air you breathe, you must have your ducts serviced and clean. Using our professional air duct cleaning service, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Clean Air Means a Clean Environment

If you are a homeowner, you know how hard it can be to keep up with cleaning before more dust seems to suddenly appear around your house. It settles on everything that is stagnant and untouched for too long. This also applies to your HVAC system. If it is left off for several hours at a time, dust settles in the ducts and accumulates until you turn it back on. The dust and particles are then released into the air once you power it back up. It circulates throughout your house and then finds its way to surfaces to settle on. We prevent this from happening in your home by making sure there is no dust in your ducts to begin with. Always call us to perform this service, as we have the protective gear necessary to do the job. We keep up on our scheduled services so your air system always stays clean. With clean ducts, you will notice a cleaner and more hygienic home.

Air Quality

When your HVAC system is not clean, you put yourself at risk of breathing in microorganisms and allergens that can be harmful to your health, specifically your respiratory system. Mold, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and mildew can all be present in your air, making it worse to breathe than the air outside. All these things can find their way into the duct system and cause these pollutants to continually circulate in your air. You may experience an increase in allergies, get headaches, throat irritation, asthma attacks and more. Our technicians provide duct cleaning services that not only clean, but eliminate these harmful particles. We are dedicated to improving the quality of the air within your to keep you and your family healthy.

Odor Control

Smells and odors are a part of everyday life. That being said, you shouldn’t have to put up with foul odors trapped in your home. If you have pets at home, you may notice an odor from them and their dander. Cooking can also leave a lingering scent in your home that you may not want there. Overtime, when fresh and clean air is not filtering your home, odors can become worse and result in a stale and unpleasant environment. To get rid of this issue, use our ductwork cleaning service. When the ducts in your system are clean and working properly, clean air can do its job and get rid of the odors in your home.

Effective Airflow

We thoroughly clean your ducts so that their air that flows through it is not restricted in any way. When the airway is blocked, it causes inadequate circulation. If the ducts are very dirty, there may not be any airflow at all. The first thing people do when they notice the air isn’t cool or warm enough is to turn up the power. This means your system has to work harder and creates more wear and tear. By ignoring this problem, you are causing more damage to your system. We remove all of this built up dust and debris. We guarantee you will notice a difference in the airflow once we’re done. We can actually improve the airflow in your system by up to 30%!

Reduced Energy Costs and Longevity

If you have noticed that your electrical and gas bills have been higher than normal, you may have dirty ductwork. Let one of our technicians inspect your system to see if this is in fact the problem. When your air ducts are clean, your entire system is able to run as efficiently as it should. This amounts to you saving money every month. Since your HVAC doesn’t have to work overtime due to cleanliness, your system will continue to work better for longer. Your filters will also benefit because they will not have as much dirt and dust build up. Saves you money because you will not have to replace them as often. The cleaning products and methods we use are the most effective in cleaning your HVAC system and keeping it clean until your next service appointment.

Other Issues Solved

When our professionals clean your air ducts, it is easier to diagnose any other issues with your system. We will be able to find possible leaks, breaks and corrosion much more easily. This allows us to fix and repair parts of your HVAC system before they can become too serious. This keeps your system running and makes having to replace the entire unit much less likely.

Resolve Insect Infestation

It is not easy to see inside your ductwork. We have found insect infestations in systems that are not cleaned on a regular basis. This is not an easy clean up and must be done using precautions. We can take care of this problem for you and safely remove insects and any other hazards we find. By cleaning out debris, insects cannot use anything to create a nest in the future and are much less likely to come back.  When you need a professional service to clean your air ducts, call Utah’s Best Home Pros to do the job. We take the necessary precautions, perform thorough work, and never leave a mess behind. No matter what service you need for your HVAC system, we have you covered. Contact us today for fast quality service at affordable prices.