Air Conditioner Maintenance

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We keep your AC system running at its peak efficiency, no matter the weather. Using our tools and technology, our maintenance service can extend the life of your AC system. If your AC unit breaks down, call us for a fast response time. We can repair any brand of AC system out there. If you need replacement parts, we get them right away so you can keep your home at the optimal temperature at all times.

Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment so we can diagnose and repair your system. 

Every part of your AC system requires regular maintenance in order for it to continue functioning effectively and efficiently. The filters, coils and fins all need attention and cleaning to ensure the system works as it should for years. Even if everything seems to be in working order, neglecting maintenance results in wear and tear and a steady decline in cooling performance. It also adds to an increase in energy consumption which means you will pay more each month to cool your home.

What Do Our Maintenance Experts Do?

Clean and Replace Filters

Dirty filters are the number one reason AC units stop working the way they should. When dirt builds up in a filter, it clogs and prevents proper airflow. This can directly affect the coils within, which also play a key role in overall function. We routinely check and clean filters to keep this from happening. Depending on the type of air conditioner system you have, we know whether to check for filters in the walls, furnace, ceilings or unit itself. We can safely remove and replace filters in these areas as needed.

AC System Coils

There are two types of coils we check when performing maintenance on your AC system: the evaporator coil and condenser coil. These collect dirt and dust over time. To keep these parts functioning, we clean these using specific chemical cleaners. This ensures that dirt is not able to stop airflow. We recommend maintenance on your evaporator coil at least once a year. If you have an outdoor condenser coil, these may need to be cleaned more frequently, as it is susceptible to more dirt and debris. We recommend cutting back any foliage near this coil.

Coil Fin Correction

We use a tool called a fin comb to place fins back in their intended position, should they become bent. Doing this allows air to flow through the coil as it is intended to.

Drain Maintenance

We pass a snake through the drain line to remove any built up dirt or debris. This keeps the line from clogging and resulting in trapped, excess moisture that can cause water damage to your home.

Air Conditioners and Windows

If your air conditioner is connected to a window, the seal around it must be airtight. We can inspect this seal and make sure it is adhered to the window frame. This prevents cool air from escaping your home while you are trying to cool it down.


Winter Maintenance

Certain AC units can be removed and stored during the winter. This protects them while they are not being used. We can do this for you as it is a tricky process that needs to be done safely. We can also cover your outdoor unit in the winter months to further protect it from debris and bad weather.

Why Hire Our Experts for Maintenance?

We are here when you need maintenance done on your air conditioning system. Hiring one of our professional technicians is the best way to maintain your AC unit and ensure guaranteed quality work. We will find and fix any issue in any brand of AC system.

Our Maintenance Checklist Includes:

  • Refrigerant Level Inspection
  • Refrigerant Leak Detector Test
  • Electronic Control Sequence Testing
  • Electric Terminal Cleaning
  • Electrical Connection Check and Non-conductive Coating Application
  • Motor oil Inspection
  • Belt Functioning and Tightness Evaluation
  • Thermostat Temperature Accuracy
  • Safe and Legal Removal of Refrigerant
  • Central Air System Seal Duct Inspection and Leak Prevention
  • Evaporator Coil Airflow Evaluation