Air Conditioning Repair

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We keep your house cool no matter how hot it is outside. We are the go-to-guys when it comes to fast and reliable air conditioning repair. We can repair any brand, no matter how old or new it is. We deliver quick repairs without the hassle. We are upfront about costs and only begin work upon your approval.

Our Repair Service Includes:

  • AC system tune-ups
  • Appliance charging and leak control/testing
  • Repairs for any brand of system
  • Quick response time
  • Upfront costs and no hidden fees
  • Repair to commercial AC systems

*We can service both your business and your home. Rates do vary for commercial services, so please call us for details.

As a homeowner, we know how important it is to keep up on maintenance and repairs. The AC system is no exception. It is a crucial component in your home that needs to function properly everyday of the year. When your air conditioning unit stops working, your comfort is the first thing to go out the door. The heat of summer and cold of winter can both be detrimental to your health if your home is not protected from these elements.

How Do I Know if My AC Needs Repair?

Here are some main reasons why you may need one of our experts to service your AC system.


The Refrigerant Has a Leak

The refrigerant is something you can easily check on your AC unit. If you notice that it is low and your system is new or has just been serviced, there is a good chance a leak has developed. It is important to know that refrigerant is not good for the environment, so if there is a leak you should contact us right away. Additionally, low levels mean your system is not going to cool your home like it should. This is something you will probably notice right away. It also poses a danger to the coils, which need to function for the entire unit to work.

Unusual Noise Coming From Outdoor Fan

If you notice any unusual noises coming from your outdoor AC unit, it is in need of service because this is a sign something is not working correctly. The fan needs to be working properly in order for the system to cool the inside of your home properly. So, if you notice any weird noises, let us know and we will check your system to make sure nothing is wrong.

Inconsistent Maintenance

As with any sort of appliance, as time goes on, general wear and tear is unavoidable. That being said, there may be issues with your air conditioner you are not yet aware of. By having us check your system annually, we can make sure it remains efficient. If it does need any maintenance, it will most likely be minimal. Minimal repairs save you money in the long run.

High Energy Bill

If your energy bill is noticeably higher than normal, and you really haven’t been doing anything differently, this could be the result of your AC unit running improperly. When it is not cooling properly, it uses more energy to make your home reach the temperature you have set for it. Let us know if this has been an issue for you. We can do a quick check to make sure it is not costing you extra money every month when it shouldn’t.

Noticeable Inconsistency in Home Temperature

When your AC unit is working like it should, every room in your house should be the same temperature and cooled evenly. If one room or rooms is colder or warmer than the others, it is a sign the AC is having an issue. This could mean major damage or could simply be wear and tear that can be fixed. Either way, contact us so we can find the problem.

High Humidity

You should never experience humidity inside your home when using an air conditioner. It should actually moderate any levels of humidity on its own. Moisture levels should always be kept within a comfortable range. This could point to low refrigerant. Either way, we will diagnose and repair it for you. If you are experiencing humidity in your home, let us know.

Any of these reasons may explain why your home is not staying cool or cooling evenly.
If you have noticed any issues, it is time for an AC repair expert visit.
We will determine the root cause and let you know the best remedy, whether it be a repair or replacement.
To find out more about our repair services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.