Air Conditioner Service

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We are strong believers in delivering what we promise to our customers. That is why we offer Service Agreements to anyone who uses our services. Our Service Agreements is a written commitment from us to you that cover our promise of quality service, availability, and the responsibilities we take on when you hire us. It is a signed agreement between us that says we will do the job we promise to do at the price we agreed upon.

Our AC services are affordable and start as low as $39.
You can’t go wrong with this price.

No matter small a repair you need, or how large a replacement, we create a customized service plan just for you. We know that once you have experienced our excellent customer service and quality work, you will trust us for all of your AC needs for years to come.

We can boost the reliability and sustainability of your AC system with our dependable services.

  • Service Agreements start as low as $39.00
  • System Rejuvenation services start at $199.00
  • AC tune-ups start as low as $59.00

*Please call us for the details on each of these offers.

Here is what you can expect during a service visit from one of our experts:

A Thorough Indoor and Outdoor Inspection

During a service call from one of our experts, you can expect a detailed inspection of your entire air conditioning system, no matter how obvious the problem may seem. We check both the indoor and outdoor components of the unit to find anything that is working improperly or may need cleaning. We begin the process by measuring the voltage and amps of the motor. This is how we determine its risk of failure. We then test the calibration of the thermostat to make sure the temperature is reading is actually the temperature inside your home. Any moving part is examined. Oftentimes these parts need lubrication to slow down the process of wear and tear. These parts include the bearings and the fan blades.

Since it is an electrical system, all of the electrical parts are carefully checked. We make sure everything is connected properly and that none of the wires have become exposed, which is very problematic. Both the indoor and outdoor condenser coils will be examined as well. Not all units have an indoor coil, but many do. One of the final things we check is the drain line. This is where leaks and blockages will most likely occur. This can prevent moisture from leaving the AC system and cause a lot of damage within the unit. We remove any blockages and repair leaks in order to extend the life of the system and save you money.

Deep Cleaning the AC System

We know how important it is to have a clean air conditioning unit in order for it to work optimally. When your system isn’t clean, your house will not cool evenly, it will cost more for the system to run, and you run the risk of damage to the point of needing an entire replacement. We check the air filter for dirt and clogs. We can clean the filters or replace them if they are old. This keeps clean air running through your home. We inspect the ductwork because dirt and dust can build up here as well and have an effect on the quality of your air. We also check the coils and fan blades in your outdoor unit for debris.

Repairing the Issue

Once we have inspected your unit and one a thorough cleaning, we will work hard to fix any issues we have found during the process. Keep in mind, we make sure you approve any work before we begin. We can also schedule a time to come back and install a part if we need to. Due to the nature of our business, we can get our hands on the parts you need fast so you won’t have to go weeks without a working AC unit.

No matter what repairs or cleaning services you may need, our technicians are here to do the work for you.
We can schedule an appointment at your convenience and thoroughly inspect your air conditioning system.
We guarantee we can fix any issue with your unit in a timely manner.