Furnace installation

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Furnace installation must be done right. High-quality install is arguably more important than the brand or model of furnace you choose. We treat every install like we are installing it in our own home. We offer the latest and greatest in heating system options. Anything we install will be dependable and efficient. You will end up paying more when you hire anyone else because our standards of service are high. Choose Utah’s Best Home Pros to get the most out of your heating system. 

When it is time to install a new heating system in your home, make sure it is done by a certified professional. The quality of the heating system is just as important as the quality of the installation itself. Furnace installation is a complicated process and can require an old system to be removed before the process begins. 

We begin by finding the right size unit for your home. Many people are unaware of how important this is. The wrong size heating system will not work properly and is guaranteed to give you continued problems. We will go over all of your options so that no matter what you choose, it will work great for your home. We have years of experience and have installed hundreds of heaters in homes throughout Utah. You can trust our technicians to respect your home and install a quality product in a timely manner.


What to Expect During Furnace Installation: 

Believe it or not, removing your old heating system is the longest part of the entire process. We know how important it is to completely remove an old furnace and do a deep clean throughout your home. This is the best way to ensure a smooth install and keep you from having issues in the future. We also know how to dispose of an old unit properly, as there are laws and guidelines we are required to follow for environmental safety reasons. 

Once the area is cleared and prepped, we will install your new furnace and secure it to the foundation of your house. We then get to work on connecting the entire system so it functions properly. One of the most important connections we make is to your ventilation system. This requires us to attach the furnace to the flanges on the ductwork. We also know how to adjust your ductwork accordingly. 

We then connect the heating system to a power source. We take the necessary safety precautions when connecting the gas line, which must be done very carefully. Wires on the furnace are hooked up to your electrical power source. Even if you have a gas powered heater, it will still come with electrical components.  

The final step is to test the system. We never leave a job until this is done. No matter how new the heater is, we will stay and make sure it works. We also take this time to tell you what to expect from your new heating system so you know what to do between maintenance and service appointments. 

When the furnace is powered on, we can then measure the intake and airflow and tests its efficiency. This is where we will know if there are any issues from the start. We will stay while it runs and do an overall inspection while it is on.


Important Things to Remember for Installation

It is important to know that the installation process starts a few days before your heating system is actually put in. We need time to select the furnace size, inspect any system you may already have, and remove any system that may currently be in your home. That being said, make sure you call us sooner rather than later. We care about each of our customers and want what is best for your home and family. Call with any questions you may have, including questions regarding our financing options.