Furnace Repair

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If you have turned the heater on and it is still cold in your home, don’t worry. Utah’s best is ready to respond and fix your heating system fast. Our technicians are certified and experienced, so you know you are always in good hands. We will diagnose your system in no time and explain where the problem is coming from. We also give you a complete plan that includes the root cause of the problem and the cost to fix it. We are upfront with our customers when it comes to cost. We never start a job unless we have your full approval. 

We Guarantee: 

  • Up Front Pricing 
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Service for any Brand of Heating System
  • Fast and Speedy Repairs
  • Exclusive Warranties 
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  • Dependable 24 Hour Service
  • Peace of Mind 

Heavy snow and cold winters is a reality for anyone living in Utah. It is crucial to have a properly functioning heater and furnace before the beginning of winter. If you think your system is in need of repairs, there are certain things to look out for. That being said, it is always a good idea to have one of our technicians check it out, even if you haven’t noticed any issues. 

These are some signs your system needs repair:

Lack of Heat

If your heater or furnace is not producing heat, we can fix it. These issues are usually the result of clogged filters, clogged burners, a problem with the motor function, or a broken thermostat. We can correct any of these issues so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. 

Alarm for Carbon Monoxide

When heating systems are not cleaned, carbon monoxide builds up and is prevented from exiting your home through the venting system. If your carbon monoxide alarm is alerting you, you need to immediately turn off your heating system. After you do this, grab your phone and call emergency services and wait for them outside to arrive. If you have a cracked heat exchanger that is responsible for this leak, we can repair or replace it so your home is safe again.  

Unusual Noises

If you hear banging noises coming from your furnace, you should call us so we can diagnose the problem. A properly working furnace should never make these noises. It could be an issue with the ignitor due to wear and tear overtime. No matter what is causing the noise, we will find the source. 

Utility Bill Charge Increase

If you have noticed an increase in your monthly heating bill, but have not been doing anything differently energy wise in your home, it could be a problem with your furnace. If there is some sort of blockage in the system, your furnace has to work extra hard to maintain the temperature you have set for it. This means it burns more electricity and gas to match the temperature on the thermostat. We can repair the issue and make sure you are scheduled for your yearly heater tune-ups. 

Frequent On and Off Cycling

A heating system is not working properly if it turns on and off frequently. This points to possible things like the thermostat, dirty filters, and improper air circulation. If your heater and furnace were not installed by a professional, you are bound to have more issues more often. They may have even installed the wrong size furnace for your home, which is a reason it could be cycling. We can repair or replace the unit if necessary. 

We are always available when you need us for all of your heating emergencies. Our technicians know how to repair any brand of heater and furnace fast. We keep your home safe and your system running efficiently throughout the winter season. The best time to get your heating system repaired is before the beginning of winter. Call us today to schedule your appointment.