Furnace Service

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“An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure”


Ben Franklin knew a few things about heating your home – He invented the Franklin Stove in 1741 – and his famous quote shows he knew the value of service and maintenance too.

We can’t argue with Old Ben. That’s why we offer maintenance agreements to all of our customers.

This inexpensive coverage will add years of life to your system and help you avoid premature breakdowns and expensive repairs.

With service available for as low as $39.00, it only makes sense. Whether you need an intensive system rejuvenation, or a simple clean and tune, call us today for a customized service plan.

Our goal is to be your Furnace Guy winter after winter for years to come. Let us wow you with our friendly service and great prices!

  • Service Agreements start as low as $39.00 – ask for details
  • System Rejuvenation services start at $199
  • Furnace tune-ups start as low as $59.00