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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Ben Franklin

We understand the value of consistent service and maintenance. That is why we offer maintenance agreements to all of our customers. These are a promise from us to you that we will deliver on the promises we make and the fees we quote you. We hold ourselves responsible for delivering quality work at affordable prices. 

Our services start as low as $39.00 

Service agreements start as low as $39.00

System rejuvenations services start at $199.00

Furnace tune-ups start as low as $59.00

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Call us to create your customized plan for your home heat system. We know that once you see our technicians in action and experience our great customer service, you will continue to trust and rely on us for all your heating service needs.

What to Expect During A Cleaning Service

System Shutdown

In order to service your heating system safely, we must first shut down the unit altogether. This includes both the electrical power and fuel supply. We know where these switches will be located depending on your home. For customers who don’t know where the shutoff locations are, we make sure to show you in case of an emergency.


Combustion Chamber Service

Heat is generated when fuel and air are combined and ignited. This occurs inside the combustion chamber. We clean any built up soot so it does not cause any corrosion. We also use industrial power vacuums to aid in cleaning. The cover is replaced after everything is determined to be in working order.


Flue Pipe Inspection

Holes can form in the exhaust flue due to corrosion and cause a leak of carbon monoxide. We are able to repair these holes temporarily. These must be replaced as soon as possible. We can order the parts you need fast and prevent the dangers of being exposed to carbon monoxide in your home.


Oil Filter Service and Replacement 

The oil filter in a heating system is responsible for preventing small debris from creating a clog in the oil burner nozzle. This keeps your system running and prevents it from shutting down due to a misfire. We remove and replace old filters so it continues to work the way it should. This should always be done by a professional since the disposal of these filters must comply with local hazardous-waste regulations. 


Air Filter Service and Replacement 

The air filter is what keeps the air in your home healthy and clean. At minimum, it should be changed once a year. This service is quick and easy for us to do. We also take the opportunity to check the wear and tension on the system’s blower belt. Clean filters keep pollen, allergens, bacteria, mold and mildew from circulating throughout your house.


Burner Testing

We use something called a combustion analyzer to calculate furnace efficiency. It measures gasses within the exhaust flue. We also check the igniter flame’s shape and color, as this is an indicator whether or not the system is functioning. If you have a gas system, we clean the burner tubes using a powerful vacuum.


Floor Vent Cleaning Service

We vacuum out the ducts under your floors. This area is known to attract large amounts of dust, food, pet hair, and even your children’s toys. Making sure the area is clear and clean will make your heater run more efficiently. You won’t have to keep turning up the thermostat and your air will be cleaner overall. 

For the most reliable service and the best customer experience, trust our technicians for all your heat system repair needs. We respond to service calls faster than other companies and we are available for any emergency you may have. Don’t get stuck on the waiting list for heating services, call us today to schedule your appointment.