Air Scrubbers

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“You can now clean and purify the air in your home with technology originally developed by NASA”

Just what the heck is an Air Scrubber, anyway?

Scientists went looking for a way to make the air more hospitable in outer space – where the air must be continually cleaned and recycled. The system they devised combined Ultra Violet light and a special grid to cleanse the air. This technology is now referred to as PCO air purification, or air scrubbing. This amazing tech will work wonders to clean, purify and deodorize the air in your home, just like it does in space.

  • Can be installed in any home with ductwork
  • Uses very little power
  • Does not create harmful levels of Ozone
  • Simple annual maintenance
  • Shown to kill airborne pathogens
Air as pure as the space station

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