Brand new baby! We came home from the hospital with our brand new baby only two days old to find our furnace not working. We were already paranoid as new parents, so this just about pushed us over the edge. My husband called Chris and he came right over on a Sunday afternoon to have a look at it. Turned out that we needed a new furnace. He quoted us a great price and said he would call some customers and try to come back the next day. We were able to borrow some space heaters to get through the cold nights, so we told him not to stress if he couldn’t bump us to the next day. He had called a couple customers and they refused to move their appointments. Chris handled it very professionally and I felt bad because he had to deal with some rude people. Anyway, he came back with another man and they spent several hours replacing our furnace and fixing some air conditioning issues. He was friendly, personable, professional, knowledgeable, kind, honest, and just all around great. Our furnace is working wonderfully and we can sleep easy (when we do sleep lol) knowing that we have a brand new furnace and our house will stay warm as it gets colder and colder. Thank you so much, Chris! Our family appreciates all your hard work!