Saved the day! Last summer I was working in my downtown office, meeting with clients and conducting business. The A/C went out earlier in the day and I thought the fans we had would cool the office sufficiently enough throughout the day. It wasn’t even 11am when the staff began to complain and the clients were starting to reschedule. I was sweating profusely when I called Chris. I explained to him my situation and the need to DO SOMETHING! He responded within an hour, messed with the A/C unit for a half hour or so and it began to blow again. He came in from the unit and explained that he’d done a “quick fix” that would not last and I needed a new unit, which I believed as the unit was there when I moved into my office 6 years ago. And it was old then. He gave me a fantastic quote on both the A/C unit and furnace together (reducing the price as a package) and we scheduled the replacement for the next weekend. He did not charge me for the service call. I was very impressed with his prompt response; his quick and professional service; his expertise and knowledge (he already knew what was wrong before he arrived); and, most importantly, his pricing. TOP SHELF!!